Welcoming more wildlife to Lake View Park

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New ponds and enhancements are planned for the River Sherbourne in Lake View Park, Coventry

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, in partnership with Coventry City Council, is excited to announce its plans to make Lake View Park in Coventry a haven for wildlife. Thanks to generous funding of £60,000 from Biffa Award, we will be creating new ponds to attract endangered water voles and planting wildflowers essential for bees and butterflies.

We will be starting in November 2018 to create:

  • Three wildlife ponds to the east of the park and three wildlife ponds in the middle of the park. The ponds will create new homes for frogs and dragonflies. They will also provide better habitat for water voles which we hope will return to the river.
  • Two new wildflower areas to provide nectar for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.
  • Shallower edges on the river bank to improve the habitat for fish, otters and kingfishers.
Lakeview Park Coventry Credit Tim Precious-Li

Credit Tim Precious-Li

Tim Precious-Li, Wetlands Project Officer for Warwickshire Wildlife Trust said "We are incredibly excited to be creating new wildlife habitats at Lake View Park and helping connect more people with the River Sherbourne, the river that shaped the foundation of Coventry as a City and home. Lake View Park is an important ‘Local Wildlife Site’ which connects Coventry to the wider countryside through Coundon Wedge. With Biffa Award funding we will be able to encourage more wildlife to move along this green corridor and make a home here."

Cllr Abdul Salam Khan, Cabinet Member for Parks said, “Parks have a really important role to play in our city and I know that Lake View park is much loved by local people.  This work to create new ponds and wildflower areas will encourage more wildlife back to the park so it’s really good news. It will also mean that local people have the chance to get up close to a range of insects and birds right on their doorstep.”

The map below shows you where the work will take place. It will take about two weeks to complete all of the work. There will be some machinery on site but the park will stay open at all times.

These improvements will make Lake View Park even more attractive for wildlife and for local people. If you have any questions please contact:

Tim Precious-Li, Wetlands Project Officer for Warwickshire Wildlife Trust
Email: tim.precious@wkwt.org.uk  

Mark Yates, Parks Officer for Coventry City Council
Email: mark.yates@coventry.gov.uk

Lakeview Park improvements map 2018
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Thanks to Biffa Award for their funding