Bishop's Hill

Please note: entering or swimming in the Blue Pool is not permitted at anytime

Bishop's Hill used to be a cement works, which has since been established as an important local site for wildlife.


Ladbroke Road,
Bishop's Itchington
CV47 2UT

OS Map Reference

SP 39255 58189
A static map of Bishop's Hill

Know before you go

26 hectares

Entry fee

Free to visit

Parking information

Park respectfully in the village of Bishop's Itchington

Bicycle parking

Unfortunately there is no official bicycle parking

Grazing animals


Walking trails

Unsurfaced footpaths may become difficult underfoot during wet weather due to the nature of the clay site.


Access is currently via the Parish Council Nature Reserve, the Yellow Land, that is found off Ladbroke Road.  Currently there is a complex of permissive unsurfaced footpaths around the site that are not suitable for wheelchairs. In the future a surfaced route through the reserve will be installed.


Under effective control
Do not allow dogs to enter the Blue Pool

When to visit

Opening times

Open at all times

Best time to visit

April to September

About the reserve

Bishop's Hill Nature Reserve sits north of the village of Bishop's Itchington and was once part of the old Harbury Cement Works which closed in 1970. It has since been established as an important local site for wildlife. The hill is formed from the waste lime created from the limestone quarry and cement works which opened in 1852.

Back in 1852 an aerial ropeway transported the waste material from the quarry which accumulated into the hill you find today. This low nutrient mound means a variety of lime-loving plants can grow which support a range of rare and important butterfly species such as the Small Blue (Cupido minimus) and Grizzled Skipper (Pyrgus malvae).  Today the grassland, scrub and woodland plus the blue pool provide a rich mosaic of habitats for local wildlife. There are fantastic views from the top of the mound all the way into Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. The large piece of metal winding gear at the top of the mound, which now forms a monument, was discovered when we acquired the reserve in 2018 and the woodland was cleared to provide open corridors for wildlife. It represents the area's heritage, and the opportunity provided by this fantastic site for people and wildlife. The site will be managed to control scrub on the grassland and continue to provide a diverse structure of habitats to accommodate and attract a variety of important wildlife.

Location map

Hands on taster sessions started in October 2019

There will be opportunities for people to get involved in volunteering at Bishops Hill – enabling local people to take positive action for wildlife on their doorstep.  We are hosting practical hands on taster sessions fortnightly on Monday mornings (10am - 1pm) which started on 7th October.  We provide the tools, know how, tea and of course, biscuits.  Everyone is welcome and no time commitment/experience is required but volunteers must be over 18.   For more details on taster sessions, check out our events page or contact for more details. 

Or find out more about our new Green Connections programme starting at Leam Valley and Oakley Wood reserves in 2020. 

Local History

If you are local to the site and have any past stories or photographs, we would be interested in hearing and seeing these as it will help us understand the site better and be able to interpret it to future generations.  Please get in contact with Karl Curtis – Director of Reserves and Community Engagement on 024 7630 2912 or email –