Batty About Bats

Cut out bat in woodland saying: "Did you know there are 17 bat species in the UK, around a quarter of all our mammals."


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Batty About Bats

Discover the nocturnal world of bats

There are 17 species of these aeronautical acrobats in the UK!

This is a simple session all about bats for pre-school children who might be intrigued to discover some fascinating facts about our only flying mammal.

Video: Join education manager Vicky as she goes batty about bats and their incredible superpowers and introduces a fun game to try in your own outdoor space, garden or local park. Then download our activity sheet to make a whirly bat!

Download the activity sheet

Colour and cut out our whirly bat then attach a string and run to make him fly!

Did you know?

Bats are incredible - check out our fact file!

  • Bats are the only mammals that can fly.
  • They are nocturnal and come out at night.
  • The tiny pipistrelle bat can eat in incredible 3,000 mosquitoes in one night.
  • Young bats do press ups to strengthen their wings before they leave the roost!
  • They grow up quickly – at only 4 weeks old they can fly and feed themselves.
  • A bat has the same eyesight as a human being but at night uses ECHOLOCATION to find its food, making a noise and listening for the echo to bounce back to it so it knows where things are. 
  • Brown long-eared bats have enormous ears to help them with their hearing, which they can roll up when they are asleep.
  • Children can sometimes hear bats but grown-ups can’t so we have to use a bat detector!


Play a game

Common Pipistrelle credit Tom Marshall

Common Pipistrelle credit Tom Marshall

Bat hide and seek! Bats find insects to eat using their hearing. The children are bats, close their eyes and count, while one child – the moth - hides with some bells. After counting, the child hiding rings the bells. Everyone else follows their ears to find the moth!

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