Family Membership

Family membership

Mallard Anas platyrhynchos An adult female keeps her ducklings close on a tranquil lake at dawn. Derbyshire, UK - Andrew Parkinson/2020VISION


From £5.00 per month or £60 per year you receive


A wildlife welcome pack and membership card for adults and children

Wild Warwickshire magazine 3 times a year, Watch magazine 4 times a year for children

Four free workshops per child, including nature families, nature tots, holiday workshops, after school clubs

Illustrated guide book – Discover Wild Warwickshire

Entrance to over 65 local nature reserves

Access to over 2000 Wildlife Trust reserves nationwide

Membership e-newsletter including local news and events

Free and extensive events programme exclusive to members

*For two adults and up to three children. Children recommended from 0 to 14 years

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