New report launched – why HS2 will cost nature too much

It's time to Stop and Rethink HS2. A new report from The Wildlife Trusts reveals the sheer scale of potential damage to wildlife and wild places.

Nature’s recovery is on the line

In the most comprehensive environmental assessment to date we can reveal the sheer scale of potential damage from HS2.  Our report shows that the deep cut HS2 will make across the landscape could stop nature’s recovery in its tracks.

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Given this evidence that the costs to nature are escalating, we’re urging the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to use his power now to stop and rethink this project. Can you help? 

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HS2 and the environment

Hundreds of important habitats and special wild places are under threat from HS2. Locally, over 8.1 hectares of ancient woodland will be lost across South Cubbington, Crackley North, Roughknowles, Broadwells Wood, Sych Wood and North Wood and our nature reserves within 5 kilometres of the route include Leam Valley, Tocil Wood and Bubbenhall Wood along with a number of Local Wildlife Sites.  Yet, there has not been a Strategic Environmental Assessment and the compensation plans being put forward are not good enough. 

The Government and HS2 Ltd acknowledge that the route can't be delivered without extreme harm to the natural environment. Furthermore, the deep cut and divisive scar the route will cause along the length of England's habitats pose a genuine barrier to the urgent action required to recover nature and restore landscapes. The current approach to HS2 means that a Nature Recovery Network would be impossible. 

The potential damage is too great - especially while we are facing an ecological and climate emergency. We need HS2 Ltd to stop and rethink.  

Want to know more? 

Our report has taken data from Wildlife Trusts and other landowning organisations across the route of HS2. Alongside the full report, we’ve also produced a handy summary report, letting you see at a glance exactly why we’re asking the Prime Minister to stop and rethink HS2. 

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