Nature Force schedule

Faye brashing up Nature Force Wappenbury

Nature Force schedule

Check the dates and activities for Nature Force volunteers

If you intend to meet us on site ALWAYS contact the person leading the task beforehand in case there are any late changes to the schedule.

Date Day Leader Location Task
02 April 2019 Tuesday RC Ufton Fields Fencing
03 April 2019 Wednesday SJ Ufton Fields Fencing
04 April 2019 Thursday EA Dunchurch Meadow Fencing
09 April 2019 Tuesday RC Alvecote Meadows Fencing
10 April 2019 Wednesday GG Loxley Church Meadow Fencing
11 April 2019 Thursday GG Leam Valley Wetland Management
16 April 2019 Tuesday SJ Loxley Church Meadow Fencing
17 April 2019 Wednesday GG Radway Fencing
18 April 2019 Thursday EA Loxley Church Meadow Fencing
23 April 2019 Tuesday GG Hunningham (TBC)  Fencing
24 April 2019 Wednesday SJ Alvecote Meadows Fencing
25 April 2019 Thursday EA Alvecote Meadows Fencing
30 April 2019 Tuesday PT Radway (TBC) Fencing

This schedule is correct on the date of issue, but please review regularly for changes to locations and activities.


AXE - Alexis Evans -

EA - Eddie Asbery -

GG - George Green -

NF - Nick Feledziak -

PT - Pete Thorne -

RC - Rachael Crew -

SJ - Su James -