Our partnership with Jordans Cereals

Floristically enhanced field corner - credit Zoe Bell

Credit Zoe Bell 

In harmony with nature

Our partnership with Jordans Cereals

Our partnership with Jordans Cereals helps the farmers who grow oats for Jordans to farm in harmony with nature.

Farmland covers more 70% of Warwickshire’s land area and farmers are key to helping nature’s recovery.  We are working in partnership to support them to integrate wildlife management into their farming businesses, creating more sustainable agriculture.  Nationally there are more than 40 farms which grow oats for Jordans, and together they look after 15,000 hectares of countryside. Here in Warwickshire we work with 4 farmers who grow oats for Jordans.  Every Jordans farmer works with experts from their local Wildlife Trust to support wildlife on at least 10% of land on each farm.

This land is managed to provide food for farmland birds, pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies and pollinating insects. Features like ponds and hedgerows create wildlife corridors and wildlife service stations, enabling wildlife to thrive and to move through the landscape more easily. This industry-leading standard for land management, has been developed in partnership between The Wildlife Trusts and Jordans. The Jordans Farm Partnership is a partnership between Jordans, The Wildlife Trusts, the Princes Countryside Fund and LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming).

Look out for The Wildlife Trusts logo on packs of Jordans cereals!

Jordans Farm Partnership - Annual Impact Reports

Take a look at our impact reports to see how Wildlife Trust advisors are supporting the farmers who grow oats for Jordans'  to do great things on their farms for wildlife.

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