Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Our vision is to bring people closer to nature, with land rich in wildlife. Our mission is a society where nature matters, where everyone has a strong and personal connection with wildlife and wild places.

However, we recognise the conservation sector is one of the least diverse in the UK and we know that not everyone has equal access to nature. This is why we need to reflect, learn and change our approach in the way we work so that we can engage and inspire people from all backgrounds, cultures, identities and abilities to take action for wildlife, to protect it and engage in nature’s recovery.

We are committed to making positive steps to bridge the gap of inequity in the sector, which is why we are addressing and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in all that we do. We want to better understand the barriers that face underrepresented communities in accessing nature, and work in partnership to create an inclusive landscape that reflects all walks of life. Nature is for everyone. 

Where are we now?

Currently, females make up: 42 out of 67 staff; 9 out of 12 middle managers, 2 out of 6 senior managers and 5 out of 14 trustees. There is a good gender balance within our volunteers and members. We do recognise that work needs to be done to improve the representation across a wider spectrum of society and elevate those voices within the Trust.

We deliver some fantastic engagement work through our projects and our school outreach programme to connect communities from a variety of backgrounds and demographics with nature. Nevertheless, we understand that there is work to be done to bring more people closer to nature and to have greater representation of these groups using and enjoying green spaces.

What are our plans?

In order to make progress, we first need to take stock of where we are now. This will involve surveying our staff, volunteers and members to better understand our current levels of organisational diversity and inclusion and create a baseline upon which to build.

In January 2021, an EDI Working Group was formed to lead on our EDI agenda. This group is made up of representatives from all departments across the Trust, who will meet regularly to discuss ideas and plans including:

  • Reviewing and refining current HR policies, including recruitment
  • Building EDI into the culture of the Trust, so it becomes an integral part of our work and core values
  • Reaching out to diverse groups across society to understand how they want to engage with nature and the barriers that exist - this will help shape our engagement

We know that if we are going to be the change we seek, then we need to continuously review the work we’re doing in a holistic way, whilst working in partnership with diverse community groups, organisations and networks. So, please get in touch through the email below if you are keen to work with us to create a more inclusive movement and improve people’s access to nature.